To provide an opportunity for youth in the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District, Hadley, Sunderland, Belchertown and surrounding communities to play organized hockey.. To instill a sense of honesty, courage, and respect in our youth, as well as teach t

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2018-2019 Evaluation Schedule
AHA EVALUATIONS for the 2018-2019 SEASON     Mites ...
Congratulations Peewee Blue and Peewee Red
CONGRATULATIONS to Amherst Peewee Blue & Peewee Red for winning...
Congratulations to AHA's Peewee White
Huge congratulations to Peewee White on winning the Tier III-Medium...
AHA Evaluation Process
Amherst Hockey Association Evaluation Process Introduction   ...
Payment Structure for Travel Teams
Here is the payment structure for the travel team (Mites - Bantams)...
2018-2019 Evaluation Schedule

AHA EVALUATIONS for the 2018-2019 SEASON





 *************Note Friday Mar 23rd Time Change (Mullins Center Availability)********

Friday, March 23rd       5-5:50               Mullins Main Arena

Sunday, March 25th     12:50-1:40        Mullins Practice Rink


All Squirts


Wed March 21st          6-7:20               Fitzpatrick Arena, Holyoke

Thurs March 22nd        6-6:50 PM        Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

Sunday, Mar. 25th        9-10 AM           Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst


Pee Wee  A


Wed March 21st          7:30-8:50          Fitzpatrick Arena, Holyoke

Thurs March 22nd       7-7:50               Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

Sunday, March 25th    10:10-11:10       Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst


Pee Wee B/C


Wed  March 28th         6-7:20               Fitzpatrick Arena, Holyoke

Thurs  March 29th       6-7:20               Mullins Practice Arena, Amherst


All Bantams


Thurs March 22nd        8-9:20              Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

Sunday, March 25th     11:20-12:40     Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

Wed March 28th          7:30-8:50         Fitzpatrick Arena, Holyoke


All Goalies   *************Note Friday Mar 23rd Time Change (Mullins Center Availability)********


Friday, March 23rd       5-5:50 PM       Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

Sunday, March 25th     1:20-2:20        Mullins Practice Rink, Amherst

by posted 03/19/2018
Congratulations Peewee Blue and Peewee Red
CONGRATULATIONS to Amherst Peewee Blue & Peewee Red for winning their divisions at the post-season GSL playoffs! Peewee Blue did not fail to entertain (and give parents heart-clutching moments) with their Peewee East semifinals win against Nonotuck, which was tied in regulation, scoreless after overtime, and a huge victory in the shootout! To keep the championship game interesting, Blue went into overtime again against Pioneer Valley and scored the game-winning goal 2:53 into sudden death overtime. Peewee Red kept things tidy with a 3-2 win in the Peewee North semifinals over Ludlow and a 5-2 win in the championship game against Holy Name. We were also represented by our Bantam team who was knocked out in the semifinal round and our Squirt Red team who made it to the championship game. It’s been a great year of hockey and we’re so proud of our teams. GO AMHERST!!


by posted 03/19/2018
Congratulations to AHA's Peewee White

Huge congratulations to Peewee White on winning the Tier III-Medium State Championship March 11! The weekend started with 12 teams vying for the State Title with Amherst coming out on top at the end. Peewee White went 2-1 in pool play with wins over Melrose Youth Hockey, 5-3, and Twin City (Fitchburg/Leominster), 4-0,  and a 2-1 loss to the WHK Hawks. PW White made it into the championship game by beating Wakefield 2-1 in the Sunday morning, nail-biter semifinal game with the GWG 12 seconds into overtime. Later that day, PW White met WHK again for the championship game and this time bested the Hawks 3-2. 
In addition to Peewee White’s win, two other Amherst teams made it into the final four for their age and skill bracket: Squirt White lost only in the championship game in Tier III-Medium, and Peewee Red was nudged out in the semifinals in Tier II-Medium. Peewee Blue also represented us in the Tier IV-Medium bracket. We’re so proud of our players - GO AMHERST!

by posted 03/12/2018
AHA Evaluation Process

Amherst Hockey Association Evaluation Process


The primary goal of Amherst Hockey Association (AHA) evaluations  is to maintain an equitable and thorough process for assessing player abilities and skills.  This assessment will result in placing each player on a team to promote individual skill development and team success.  Proper team placement is crucial to a players and teams overall development since it allows players to be appropriately challenged but also promotes positive reinforcement through on-ice success.

In order to get a fair evaluation, it is important to attend all scheduled evaluation sessions.  The previous year placement on a team does not guarantee a roster spot on the same level team for the next season.


Players will register for AHA 2018-2019 evaluations through the AHA web site. The divisions are comprised of the following birth years.

  • Bantams 2004, 2005
  • Pee Wee   2006, 2007
  • Squirt    2008, 2009
  • Mites    2010, 2011,2012

The registration fee of $150 is non-refundable regardless of team placement or where a skater chooses to play in the 2018-2019 season.  The fee not only covers the cost of the evaluation process, but is part of the overall registration fee for the upcoming season.  All previous years balance must be paid in full or an active payment plan must be established with the AHA Treasurer.  Players that do not meet these criteria will not be allowed to evaluate and placement will be based on an as-needed basis once teams are formed.

Tryouts for Bantams will have three sessions; all Bantams will try out as one group for more than likely two possible teams.

The squirt Division will have three sessions; all squirts will try out as one group.  Team numbers will be dependent on final registration numbers.

It is necessary for AHA to divide the Pee Wee division into different try-out sessions. We expect registration numbers to be over 40 skaters.  The goal here is to reduce the number of skaters at each evaluation session.  There will be 3 sessions for Pee Wee A in the first week of evaluations.  After forming the A team, there will be two sessions for Pee Wee B through C.

These evaluations will consist of skills sessions, battle drills and game scrimmage.  On-ice coaches will put players through a variety of hockey drills to give our evaluators the best look at all skills and players.


While we do not conduct Mites evaluations until the fall, two mite orientation practices will take place in March.  We do also ask that prospective Mites register so that we have an idea of our numbers and new players can see how our practices work.


Team Composition

The Hockey Operations Committee will tabulate the results of the on-ice evaluation sessions.  These results will be used in conjunction with current coaches’ evaluations, and the Hockey Operations Committee observations throughout the year. This comprehensive look at each skater will determine the rosters for the upcoming season.

Optimally roster sizes will be kept small.  Mites (9), Squirt (11-13), Pee Wees (11-13) and Bantams (14).  Initially, more players will be placed on the lower-level teams creating the opportunity to “move up” players and balance team rosters in September.


A - Team vs B/C - Team Tryouts

To efficiently evaluate players, less than 30 skaters on the ice are ideal.   More than 30 skaters create a chaotic environment and it is impossible for evaluators to get a fair look at all skaters.

Players that try-out for “A” level teams should have a high level of commitment to skill development and team progression.  This is achieved through great attendance of practices, games, team events, having a positive attitude, good sportsmanship and being a good teammate.

Players should not attend the “A” level evaluation if they clearly know they do not have a high level of commitment or have a lower level skillset.

Because of skater numbers, it may be necessary to remove players from the ice for subsequent evaluation sessions.   This may be done for the top performers as well as the less skilled players.   Getting to a manageable number at evaluations is crucial to getting an accurate assessment of the skaters.

Goalies Evaluation

Goalies will be evaluated in a separate Goalie Evaluation.   They will take place at Mullins center in two separate sessions.   These will be in-house evaluations.   We will also be asking goalies to attend appropriate player evaluations to play net for game play.

Re-Evaluation Process

AHA does its best to do a thorough job of evaluating each player and place players on appropriate teams.   The criteria for team placement include skill level, hockey sense, commitment and attitude.   After looking at each of these criteria, it is inevitable that a family may have a differing opinion about the placement of their skater.   The AHA operating Rules defines the re-evaluation process.

Parents can request a review of their skater’s evaluation placement by submitting a written request within 7 days of placement to the VP of Hockey Operations.  An Evaluation Review Board consisting of the President of AHA, the Moderator of the AHA, and the VP of Hockey Operations, will review the appeal and take corrective action if required. If the Evaluation Board decides that it is necessary, then the skater in question will be reviewed in the Fall and a decision regarding placement will be made in a timely manner. The decision of the Evaluation Review Board on the ultimate placement of the skater is final. If a review is requested, and the Evaluation Review Board determines that the skater needs to be reviewed, then all players on the lower level team will be eligible for review. The skater that is clearly better on the lower level team may be asked to move to the next level by the Evaluation Review Board.

Thank You for reviewing the AHA evaluation process for the upcoming season.  Please remember that it is important to attend all evaluation sessions for your appropriate division. 


Wed  March 21 ---- Fitzpatrick ----     All Squirts    6-7:20   Pee Wee A 7:30- 8:50

Thurs March 22   ----- Mullins -----    All Squirts  6-6:50    Pee Wee A  7:750   Bantams  8-9:20

Friday March 23    ---- Mullins -----     MITES   6-7
                                                                 Goalie Evaluations     Squirt   6-6:40  

                                                                 Goalie Evaluation  Pee Wee and  Bantam  6:40-7:20

Sunday    March 25   ----- Mullins ------    All Squirts  9-10  
                                                                       PeeWee A    10:10-11:10 
                                                                       Bantam  11:20-12:40  
                                                                       Mites 12:50-1:40   
                                                                       All Goalies 1:20-2:20

Wed   March 28    ---- Fitz -----   Pee Wee B/C 6-7:20        Bantams   7:30-8:50

Thurs   March 29  ----Mullins----  Pee Wee B/C 6-7:20    

by posted 03/06/2018
Payment Structure for Travel Teams

Here is the payment structure for the travel team (Mites - Bantams) players:

  • Paid:  Registration Deposit
  • Was Due Sept 15th: 1st Payment Installment
  • Was Due Oct 15th: 2nd Payment Installment
  • Was Due Nov 15th: 3rd Payment Installment
  • Was Due Jan 15th: 4th Payment Installment

For alternative payment plans or financial assistance, please contact AHA Treasurer at .

by posted 08/19/2017
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