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Two AHA Teams are State Runner Ups
Pee Wee Red and Squirt White were State Runner Up in their respective...
2015 Evaluation Schedule
2015 Evaluation Schedule Mites: 3/28/15 1:00-2:00 Mullins Center...
Spring Evaluations
Dear Amherst Hockey Family, The AHA Hockey Operations Committee...
Two AHA Teams are State Runner Ups

Squirt White Second in States

Pee Wee Red and Squirt White were State Runner Up in their respective Mass Hockey State Championship tournaments.

Pee Wee Red is the second best Pee Wee TierII team in the state losing a heartbreaker to Belmont 2-1.  They dominated every game but the final outscoring their opponents 19-6 in five games.

Squirt White had a magical run beating the likes of perennial hockey powerhouses Waltham, Wilmington, Braintree and Natick before losing to Andover 5-1 in the Squirt Tier IV State Final.

Go AHA!!!


by posted 03/16/2015
2015 Evaluation Schedule

2015 Evaluation Schedule


3/28/15 1:00-2:00 Mullins Center Main Arena




3/25/15 6:00-7:20 Fitzpatrick

3/28/15 10:00-11:20 Mullins Center Main Arena

3/31/15  6:00-6:50 Greenfield


B & C Level:

4/1/15 6:00-7:20 Fitzpatrick

4/2/15 6:00-7:20 Greenfield




3/25/15 7:30-8:50 Fitzpatrick

3/28/15 11:30-12:50 Mullins Center Main Arena

3/31/15 7:00-7:50 Greenfield


B & C Level:

4/1/15 7:30-8:50 Fitzpatrick

4/2/15 7:30-8:50 Greenfield



3/26/15 8:00-8:50 Fitzpatrick

3/27/15 8:00-8:50 Fitzpatrick

3/30/15 8:00-8:50 Fitzpatrick

by posted 03/08/2015
Spring Evaluations

Dear Amherst Hockey Family,

The AHA Hockey Operations Committee is preparing for spring evaluations for play in the 2015-2016 season.  All players planning on playing for Amherst in the 2015-16 season needs to register for and attend our evaluation sessions which will run between 3/23/15 and 4/6/15.  In the next week or two we will post the evaluation schedule. Registration for evaluations is now open. Evaluation Registration is different from Association Registration. Evaluation registration is to register for evaluations which are held in the spring to determine team placement for the 2015-16 season. Association Registration is to commit to playing for AHA for the 2015-16 season and once you are registered you can be officially rostered with you AHA team.

Association Registration will take place this year opening on 6/1/2015 and closing on 7/31/15. Please register for the year early as we need to have our final registration numbers set to determine the number of teams in each division. Anyone registering after 7/31/15 will be placed on a wait list and added to teams on an as needed basis.

AHA places teams in the GSL (Greater Springfield League) per division in three levels: A, B, C. (A is the highest skilled).  Traditionally, AHA places teams in all three levels in Squirt and Pee Wee and an A and B team in Bantam.  Composing competitive and balanced teams is based on two main factors: 

  • Player Ability
  • Number of Registered skaters in each division

The number of registered skaters is the primary determinant in how many teams we have in a division. Players ability in that division determine how many teams we enter into each level. An ideal number of players per team vary based on division and level, but we usually strive to have teams of 10-13 skaters and 1-2 Goalies in Squirt and Pee Wee; 13-15 skaters and 1-2 Goalies in Bantam.  This year we will initially compose small teams A and B teams to give us the ability to create balanced teams in each division and the flexibility to move players up depending on the numbers of teams.  A teams will initially have 8-10 skaters and 1 goalie.  B teams will initially have 10-12 skaters and a goalie.  The remaining players in a division will be initially placed on the C team. Depending on the final number of registered skaters we will determine how many teams we have and at what level they will skate in each division.

In each division, Squirt – Bantam, players will have the option of trying out for A teams first.  The A tryouts will be held in 2-3 sessions and is open to all skaters that wish to try out for the A team in their division. Although the A evaluation is open to all skaters in that division, the hockey operations committee, as well as current coaches, will give parents feedback as to whether their skater would be an appropriate candidate to participate in an A team tryout. Please consult with your current coach or a member of the Hockey Operations committee if you would like guidance in helping your player make this decision. There is an expectation that if you are on an A team you will play in multiple tournaments and additional independent games against A, AA and AAA competition.  There is an additional financial, time and travel obligation which comes with playing on an A team (the additional financial obligation depends on the number of additional games played).  The A team for each division will be posted within 72 hours of the end of the A team tryout.   

The association will then have another evaluation to compose our B and C teams.  There will be 2-3 additional sessions to determine placement of the players who did not make the A team or opted to only be evaluated for placement on the B or C team.  In the event that there is a division that only has enough players for two teams there will be only two evaluation sessions for that division. 

The primary reason for having separate evaluation sessions for A teams first, then B and C  is  to help our evaluators better identify skaters’ strengths and weaknesses by having more manageable numbers of skaters on the ice.  Also, having skaters of similar abilities on the ice at the same time will give the evaluators a truer representation of how a skater stacks up against his peers.  

Players that do not attend evaluations will be automatically placed on the lowest team in that division.  If a player tries out for the A team and does not make that team they must attend the B/C evaluation sessions or be placed automatically on the C team.

Mites will have a two session Spring Orientation wherein they will learn the basic drills and skills they will need when we form teams this Fall.  All Mites that plan on playing in the fall need to register for these sessions as they will be used to determine team numbers and divisions for the 2015-2016 season.  Mites will not be evaluated for placement and teams will not form until the first few on ice sessions in the Fall.  This is due to the huge amount of growth physically and emotionally skaters of that age group have in the five months when our current season ends and the new season begins.

Birth year determines what division you evaluate for:

Bantam             Players born in 2001 or 2002

Pee Wee           Players born in 2003 or 2004

Squirt                Players born in 2005 or 2006

Mites                 Players born in 2007 or younger

All players attending evaluations will be furnished with a brand new, numbered jersey that will need to be worn at each evaluation session.  The player will keep that jersey and it can be used during practices in the upcoming season.

The fee for returning AHA members registering for evaluations for the 2014-2015 season is $150. There will be a $260 registration fee for all skaters that did not skate during the 2013-14 season with AHA.  If a skater from outside of the organization would like to pay the $150 fee that is paid by all existing AHA members then they have to sign a financial commitment/intent to play form which AHA will hold them to.  If a player chooses to pay the $260 fee then they will also be required to sign a financial commitment/intent to play within three days of the teams being announced or they will forfeit their $260 fee and be eliminated for consideration for play in AHA until the fall.   

Goalies for Squirt through Bantam will have a separate evaluation session. A player may evaluate as a goalie and a skater at the Squirt level, but at the Pee Wee and Bantam level they need to evaluate as one or the other.

On Evaluation day you should treat it like a game day.  All players should check in 45-60 minutes before the scheduled time to make sure they get their jerseys and receive any other pre-evaluation instruction.  They should be fully dressed in their gear on the bench 10 minutes prior to their eval start time. Once the evaluators have seen your skater and completed their evaluation of your skater for that day your skater may be asked to leave the ice early.  This is not an indication as to whether they have made or not made a particular team. It means the evaluator has gotten a good look at them and would like to have fewer kids on the ice to better view other skaters who they have yet to assess. Our evaluation team is comprised of AHA coaches, former college hockey players and local high school coaches.  We are confident that their years of hockey knowledge and experience will produce fair and balanced teams that will be competitive within the GSL.

If you have any questions about the evaluation process, please email me at .

I look forward to seeing everyone at the rink.


David Sullivan

VP of Hockey Operations

Amherst Hockey Association


by posted 02/13/2015
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